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The Latina Circle is harnessing the power of Latinas in the US through a scalable, online platform where high-potential Latinas can connect, foster meaningful relationships with champions, businesses and corporate partners who can nominate and advance Latinas into significant positions of power and influence. Latinas account for 16.7% of the US population and represent $1.3 trillion in buying power in the US. Yet, less than .1 percent of CEOs leading Fortune 500 companies are Latina and only .05 percent of Fortune 500 board seats were held by Latinas. Despite efforts to promote Latinas to leadership and board roles, the pace of advancement is slow. Mentorship relationships and influential champions can help Latinas advance.

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Here are a few reasons to join:


Many Latinas who reach powerful positions are firsts - Las Primeras, who can influence and help support other women into similar roles. Having an accessible network of other women that share the same accomplishments and challenges makes a big difference.

Advanced Circles

You will have access to an influential group of leaders and business professionals who will give you support and guidance. Beyond mentoring, you can create mutually supportive advancement circles comprised of champions who support you and each other.


We help connect the dots between our members, their career goals and the larger corporate community to foster more meaningful relationships with key power players. The connections you make will open doors.

Growing Latino Businesses

Latino-owned/led businesses are a driving force of local economies. Yet many are invisible and difficult to find. Whether you have a business on our platform or are looking for a business that serves the Latino community, we will connect you without the hassle of closed lists.