Dharma Cortes

Public Health Researcher Lynn

Biographical statement – Dharma E. Cortés, Ph.D.
Dr. Dharma E. Cortés, a native from Puerto Rico, received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Doctorate degree in Sociology from Fordham University. She also completed post- More…

doctoral training in Medical Anthropology at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Social Medicine. Dr. Cortés is an Instructor at Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School, an Adjunct Associate Professor at Northeastern University’s Institute on Urban Health Research and a Senior Research Associate at the Mauricio Gastón Institute for Latino Community Development and Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston. For more than twenty years Dr. Cortés has been conducting community-based research with Latinos in the U.S., focusing on acculturation, health, mental health, and access to healthcare, including health insurance coverage. Dr. Cortés has made major contributions to the understanding of the process of acculturation, cultural, language, and literacy issues among Latinos in the United States through several of her publications and research activities. She has been principal investigator, co-investigator and consultant to numerous studies on the delivery of health care services. Less…

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