The Latina Circle is an exclusive network that is advancing Latina leaders across industries into positions of power and influence. Our mission is to connect, mentor and champion Latina leaders, share best practices, and provide them with a community of professional support.

Our mission was inspired by the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Latina Commission study recommendations for increasing Latina representation and success in the legal and related professions, including:

  •  Support and sponsor mentoring programs and opportunities for Latinas at all phases of their educational and career development.
  •  Increase the visibility of Latina role models to inspire and encourage others.
  • Reach out to Latina youth at an early age.
  • Support and encourage the creation of Latina networks and support systems.

Through our online member and business directory, advancement circles and in-person networking events, as well as via substantive programming, the Latina Circle is carrying out these recommendations by connecting, mentoring and championing multicultural women leaders who support the Latina Circle’s mission.  The Latina Circle hosts quarterly networking breakfasts called “Cafecitos” where our invited professionals can connect with other senior leaders as well as inspire  emerging leaders. We also provide leadership programming aimed at sharpening skills and adding a competitive edge to the current generation of leaders, as well as preparing the future generation of our leaders to advance into the next phase of their careers.